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Our proven Capita3 Leader Programs transform startup founders and CEO’s into confident leaders who achieve their highest potential.

Capita3 believes that YOU are the most critical factor to your company’s success.

Growing a startup requires you to continually build your leadership capacity. We’re successful startup founders and leaders, and we’ve been there. Our Leader Programs guide you to the breakthroughs you need to unleash your growth.



Featured PROGRAM

21-Day Self Launch Program™

Designed to launch women entrepreneurs into higher levels of confidence and effectiveness in a 21-day period. Participants are then better prepared to go on to produce exceptional startup company results such as launching a company, raising financing, growing the team, or accelerating sales growth. Companies at any stage of idea, pre-launch, post-launch are eligible for the startup milestone program, and companies seeking a financing round are eligible for the financing program.


Upcoming Programs


APRIL 21-DAY SELF LAUNCH PROGRAM™ - startup milestone

This transformational leadership program was built for women entrepreneurs who are building scalable and investable companies and want to accelerate their own success.

This class will equip you, as a leader, to:

  • Understand your state of readiness to raise capital

  • Identify gaps

  • Confidently approach potential investors

Details & Schedule

Begins April 8, 2019
Price: $495



What women say about Capita3


"I already have, and will, use the process [from the 21-Day Self Launch Program] to meet future business milestones."

AMANDA HEYMAN  /  Co-Founder, Starting 11


"The CAPITA3 program helped me present myself in a strong, assertive manner. The results have been outstanding. I managed to over-subscribe our investment round with global-based investors positioned to help the company to succeed. Furthermore, my enduring relationship with my cohort reminds me to go be a kick-ass woman leader, no apology necessary."