Capita3 is an early stage venture capital fund investing in women startup founders and the companies they’re building.

We’re leading the next generation of venture capital by investing in the growth of the startup CEO alongside our investment in the growth of the company, and we’ll set a new standard for how VC-financed companies grow and exit.


Why we're different

We've developed a game-changing program that helps women entrepreneurs grow into powerful leaders who can grow their companies to maximum value.

It’s good for women, good for our investments, and good for the world.


News and Events



September 12, 2018

Join a discussion among entrepreneurs about the role gender plays in startup success, why it matters, and how to confidently create an environment for your success.


just build it!

October 9, 2018

Think you need a roadmap before starting your venture? No two paths are exactly alike! Hear three unique perspectives from entrepreneurs who've charted their own course.


21-day self Launch program™

October 1 - 22, 2018

Join a small cohort of women and learn how to unlock your potential as a leader to achieve significant startup milestones.