April 21-Day Self Launch Program™ - Startup Milestone

"The 21 Day" is a guided transformational leader development process. You’ll learn our Self Launch process to make a leap in leader growth to produce significant business results.

Self Launch takes place in a small cohort of successful women. Our proprietary method unlocks your potential as a leader to meet your next major milestone, and is highly personalized to your unique leader growth needs.


What you'll Learn

Over the course of four 3-hour sessions, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage awareness, clarity and alignment to produce huge results

  • How to increase your confidence to change the course of your business

  • How the dramatic power of an all-women cohort will increase your leadership effectiveness

  • How to use this method again and again to keep growing your leadership and company

Between sessions, participants will work individually and with a cohort partner to advance their business milestone.


Price: $495
Schedule: 4 consecutive in April.

Monday, December 17 from 9am – noon
Optional work session from noon – 1pm

Second Monday, from 9am – noon

Third Monday, from 9am – noon

Fourth Monday, from 9am – noon
Optional networking from noon – 1pm